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Our no-tears introductory AppleScript hands-on class is the best possible way to learn AppleScript — no prior programming experience is required.


The TECSoft Developers Consortium is the solution to your automation needs.

I've learned more in your class than in previous months of struggling with books and on-line tutorials about AppleScript. It was fun too. Thanks for an outstanding course.

Ruth Davis
Davis Editorial Services

"This course was so well organized and taught that I see no way to improve it – truly world-class training in every regard. I can say without hesitation that this class was well worth my time and my boss's money. I will recommend it to any of my colleagues with AppleScript needs."

Ted Baker
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Columbia University

TECSoft consistently provides quality AppleScript solutions and training. I often hear positive comments from their customers, and I don't hesitate to recommend them to corporations and individuals looking to implement AppleScript.

Sal Soghoian
AppleScript & Automator Product Manager
Apple Inc.

Purchase any of our training offerings and receive a $20 discount on Late Night Software's fabulous Script Debugger!

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