TECSoft Announces New "Workflow Automation with AppleScript for Mac OS X" Training Software

Learn AppleScript and how to create powerful software automation solutions with TECSoft’s new interactive HTML-based training.

(Amagansett, NY...October 5, 2004) TECSoft announced today its new Workflow Automation with AppleScript for Mac OS X Training. The interactive HTML-based training teaches AppleScript and how to create powerful software automation solutions, and is the culmination of TECSoft’s extensive experience as the leading AppleScript training and development firm. The training updates and replaces TECSoft’s previously available AppleScript Training CD, and is now available directly for purchase and download from tecsoft.com for $49.95. Owners of TECSoft’s AppleScript Training CD can upgrade for $24.95.

AppleScript is Apple Computer’s English-like scripting language used to automate key tasks performed on the Macintosh computer. It’s like automatic pilot for the Mac. With AppleScript users can increase productivity and save time to work smarter, not harder.

“We’ve distilled our extensive hands-on training expertise into the HTML-based version of our Workflow Automation with AppleScript for Mac OS X training,” said TECSoft founder John Thorsen Jr. “Outside of a classroom environment, this training delivers the richest AppleScript training experience possible.”

With TECSoft’s training you don’t have to be a programmer to get started and be productive with AppleScript. Along with teaching AppleScript fundamentals, the training also covers scripting FileMaker Pro, iView MediaPro, Adobe InDesign and the Finder. The training reinforces AppleScript concepts with hands-on exercises that conclude with the user scripting real-world AppleScript automation solutions. The training also features:

  • 12 hours of training content.
  • 25 QuickTime movies showing AppleScript demos, key concepts, and solutions to the training exercises.
  • 13 hands-on exercises designed to reinforce learning.
  • Demos of real-world AppleScript automation solutions.
  • All required software including trial versions of FileMaker Pro, iView MediaPro, and InDesign, as well as the scripts for the demos and exercises.
  • An easy-to-use HTML interface.
  • Easy tracking of a user’s progress through the training.
  • An extensive, interactive glossary of AppleScript terms.
  • Web links to important AppleScript sites.
  • Works with any OS X-compatible browser.

“As experienced AppleScript trainers we know what works and what doesn’t for students and we’ve created the easiest and most effective way to learn AppleScript,” said Thorsen.

For more information or to purchase the Workflow Automation with AppleScript Training for Mac OS X, call TECSoft at 800-626-4119/631-267-0700, or visit the TECSoft website: http://www.tecsoft.com/training/applescript/software/download.html.


About TECSoft

Based in East Hampton, New York, TECSoft is the industry’s leading Automator and AppleScript training and development firm.  The company is led by founder John Thorsen Jr. who has worked extensively with Apple to develop content for trade shows, seminars, workshops and training classes. TECSoft’s clients include Associated Press, Atlantic Records, Barrons, BMG, Citibank, Nikon, Random House, Simon & Schuster, Sony Music and Time Warner.



John Thorsen Jr.

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