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Membership In Apple Solution Experts Brings Opportunity

John Thorsen Jr., owner of TECSoft, has become everyone's favorite AppleScript solution provider. Everywhere I venture I hear about John's great, in-depth teaching techniques and flair for humour in the classroom, not to mention his innovative AppleScript solutions for clients.

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TECSoft, founded in 1986, is a consulting and development firm specializing in publishing and workflow automation solutions using Apple Computer's AppleScript technology. TECSoft has also been widely successful offering AppleScript training.

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Publishing, Workflow Automation

Thorsen's journey to AppleScript success began when he owned a chocolate import business back in 1984. He bought a Mac 128k to run his company's accounting, only to realize there was no software for it. John created his own accounting system by combining FirstBase, a relational database, and Multiplan, Microsoft's predecessor to Excel. From that first experience Thorsen joyously remembers, "I became an Apple fanatic."

By 1986 John sold the chocolate company and became an evangelist of the Mac. "I knew how to use the Mac as a business machine better than anyone and convinced all my friends to use the Mac as a business solution. At that point I decided, 'Gee, I should be charging money for my expertise.'"

The light bulb went off and John became a consultant. Citibank was his first client, where John developed macros using Excel and then WingZ HyperScript.

AppleScript was launched by Apple in 1991 along with System 7. "It is an amazing technology that is unique to the Mac. The minute I saw AppleScript, at MacWorld in '91, I realized it was an Apple technology that was a revenue-generating opportunity for consultants."

John taught himself AppleScript and started offering AppleScript solutions to clients who needed to automate tasks between programs. One of his first jobs was automating a catalog for Simon & Schuster, flowing text from a FileMaker Pro database into a QuarkXPress document.

Thorsen joined the Apple Solution Experts program in 1994, then called Apple Solution Professionals Network (ASPN).

"My membership has really been the key to the success of my business. Due to the fact we were Solution Expert members, we had entre to Apple Computer."

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