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Atlantic Record's Multimedia Department, among other things, is responsible for assembling the HTML code for Atlantic Record's web pages (www.atlantic-records.com). Web pages were assembled manually from information spread around different departments at Atlantic Records. Atlantic's pages consist of artists biographical information which comes from the Artist Relations department, their tour schedules from Tour Marketing, and their graphics from the Art Department. Graphic and sound files are incorporated in the pages and are created and edited in the Multimedia department. Their HTML guru manually assembled all the different information from these departments, including graphic and sound files, into the required HTML code.

They suspected that there had to be a more efficient way utilizing databases, and asked TECSoft to recommend and implement a method for automating their web page creation.


TECSoft developed a FileMaker Pro solution which collects information from all the different submitting departments at Atlantic into a single central database system. Users enter an artist's biographic data, information regarding the artist's released recordings along with song lists and the name of any available sound files, and tour information into the FileMaker Pro database.

In the Multimedia Department, all the related HTML pages for an artist can now be created with the push of a single button in FileMaker Pro. The HTML generator solution uses AppleScript to automatically retrieve graphic image information from Canto Software's Cumulus database which is used to catalog all images used in the web pages, and from any sound files on disk in the Multimedia Department. Combining this data with information entered in FileMaker Pro, the HTML Generator solution provides a single button click HTML page generation solution. The time required to produce HTML code has gone from a couple of hours per artist to a matter of seconds.


Says a spokesman for Atlantic Records, "Using Apple Computer's AppleScript, FileMaker Pro and Cumulus, TECSoft created a database system which allows us to create artist sites for our promotional Web Site, www.atlantic-records.com, with the click of a mouse. Updates are made to the database and the website is updated by simply regenerating the pages. This offers great flexibility such that we can create another system which will draw upon the same content for different purposes, such as our internal corporate Web Site. Soon, we will actually be serving information, such as our tour dates, from the FileMaker Pro database on the fly, eliminating the update delay. AppleScript has proven to be very easy to edit and adapt to minor changes in our site format. And while we initially chose Cumulus because it was the only database which could support the HTML generation and World Wide Web file formats, it appears to be a great solution for archiving/databasing all of our graphics files for use internally."

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