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Success Story

Sony Music Distribution's previous automated method of producing their wholesale distribution catalog required four hours and completely locked the design department out of the final catalog document. If last-minute price or text changes were needed, the data had to be updated in the mainframe and the whole process repeated.

TECSoft created an AppleScript and FileMaker Pro-based solution which imports Sony Music title information directly from a mainframe download, and allows users to browse title data before creating a catalog. This system allows for convenient last-minute changes that were impossible before, including quick mass-updates or deletions of entire groups of titles. Users now have an entirely new flexibility in managing their data after it leaves the mainframe.

The solution TECSoft created for Sony lets the design department choose which catalog sections to publish, and creates custom catalogs at the click of a button in under two hours. The solution allows for custom sort and exception rules for each different section in the catalog, as well as unique layout styles and page and column headers for each section. As the final output is a QuarkXPress document, the design department is free to edit the catalog as they choose.

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