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Learn AppleScript and how to create powerful software automation solutions with our new Workflow Automation with AppleScript Training Software. This HTML-based training is the culmination of our extensive experience as the leading AppleScript training and development company. Outside of a classroom environment, this training delivers the richest AppleScript training experience possible.

Our Workflow Automation with AppleScript Training Software covers everything you need to know (and not what you don't!) in order to get started and be productive with AppleScript. Along with teaching AppleScript fundamentals, the training also covers scripting FileMaker Pro, iView MediaPro, InDesign, and the Finder. What you learn is transferable to scripting other applications. This training reinforces AppleScript concepts with hands-on exercises that conclude with the user scripting real-world automation solutions.

The Workflow Automation with AppleScript Training Software features:

  • 12 hours of training content.
  • 25 QuickTime movies showing AppleScript demos, key concepts, and solutions to the training exercises.
  • 13 hands-on exercises designed to reinforce learning.
  • Demos of real-world AppleScript automation solutions.
  • All required software including run-time or trial versions of FileMaker Pro, iView MediaPro, InDesign, and well as the scripts for the demos and exercises.
  • An easy to use HTML interface.
  • Easy tracking of a user's progress through the training.
  • An extensive, interactive glossary of AppleScript terms.
  • Web links to important AppleScript sites.
  • Works with any OS X-compatible browser.

Our Workflow Automation with AppleScript Training Software updates and replaces our previously available AppleScript Training CD. Owners of our AppleScript Training CD can upgrade for only $24.95.

No prior programming experience is required!


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Module 1 – Intro
    Workflow Automation with AppleScript
    Course Objectives
    What is AppleScript?
    Course Applications
    AppleScript Solution Demonstration
Module 1 – AppleScript
    Application Scripting Support
    Working with Script Editor
    Script Editor's Interface
    Syntax Checking
    Script Types
    The Result Window
    Recording Tex-Edit Plus
    Adding Comments to AppleScript
    Application Dictionaries
    Viewing a Dictionary
    Scripting Additions
    Control Statements
    Object Model: Object Oriented Programming
    Exercise 1 – Match Items
    Exercise 2 – Working with Conditional Statements
    Exercise 3 – Working with Repeat Loops
    Exercise 4 – Working with Subroutines
    Exercise 5 – Scripting Tex-Edit Plus
Module 2 – Scripting FileMaker Pro
    FileMaker Pro Introduction
    FileMaker Pro Dictionary
    FileMaker Pro Object Model
    FileMaker Pro Commands
    AppleScript Attachability
    Exercise 6 – Scripting FileMaker Pro
Module 3 – Scripting iView MediaPro
    iView MediaPro Introduction
    iView MediaPro Dictionary
    iView MediaPro Object Model
    iView MediaPro Commands
    AppleScript Attachability
    Exercise 7 – Scripting iView MediaPro
Module 4 – Scripting InDesign
    InDesign Introduction
    InDesign Dictionary
    InDesign Object Model
    InDesign Commands
    AppleScript Attachability
    Exercise 8 – Scripting InDesign
Module 5 – Building an AppleScript Solution
    Successful Solution Development
    Define the Need
    Plan the Solution
    Write the Script
    Exercise 9 – Building a Solution
Module 6 – Scripting the Finder
    Finder Introduction
    Finder Dictionary
    Finder Object Model
    Finder Commands
    AppleScript Attachability
    Is Recordable
    OS X Goodies
    Exercise 10 – Loop through Files in a Folder
    Exercise 11 – Create Folders
    Exercise 12 – Move Files
    Exercise 13 – Catalog Files in FileMaker Pro
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Minimum System Requirements

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• Mac OS 10.3+.

• Any Mac OS X-compatible browser.

HTML Preview

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AppleScript Training QuickTime Preview


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Workflow Automation with AppleScript is an indepth training program that leads a user through the production of an automated page layout example. The user is shown how to apply AppleScript to flow images, from iView MediaPro, and text, from FileMaker, into Adobe InDesign through a series of 13 hands-on exercises. All of the necessary software, in run-time or trial versions, and scripts are provided. The program, which is a downloadable presentation, is supported with HTML, and enhanced with 25 QuickTime movie demonstrations, and numerous hyperlinks. The 12-hour training package is produced by TECSoft, recognized AppleScript experts, led by John Thorsen, Jr. John has a talent for breaking down complex concepts into smaller, more understandable parts, and has delivered live, hands-on classes, for many years.

Reprinted with permission from
The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing
copyright 2005 Graphic Dimensions, Rochester, NY

Training Background

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Acknowledged AppleScript experts, TECSoft has worked extensively with Apple Computer creating AppleScript workshops, presentations, and seminars. TECSoft has delivered its AppleScript content for Apple at trade shows and at Apple's market centers around the world. Workflow Automation with AppleScript Training Software is based upon the hands-on training course of the same name TECSoft has delivered throughout North America and in the UK since 1997.


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Please contact us with any questions or comments:

  • Phone: 800-626-4119 or 631-267-0700. Live hours are Mon–Fri, 9 am–5 pm ET (GMT-5).
  • Email: orders@tecsoft.com
  • Fax: Attn: AppleScript Training @ 631-267-0700.
  • Mail: Attn: AppleScript Training, TECSoft, 185 Water Hole Road, East Hampton, NY 11937-3034.


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